FRO FRO is a Singapore based manufacturer of ice cream cookies & ice cream based confections. Our flagship ice cream cookies are a modern twist on the traditional Singapore ice cream sandwich (the ones you get from the "ice cream uncles" by the roadside). Instead of using wafers or bread, we use wholesome biscuits that sandwich a generous serve of high quality, premium ice cream. Currently available in best-selling flavours like vanilla bean, chocolate, and coffee, watch out for Singapore-inspired flavours in the near future...

All our products are made using high quality ingredients of uncompromising quality, resulting in a premium dessert offering. For example, we use 100% dairy fat in our ice cream products, and not economy or synthetic fat substitutes. As well, we use real vanilla beans to provide an exquisite perfume to our vanilla bean ice cream, and never any artificial flavourings. 

Our manufacturing facility is ISO22000 and HACCP certified, ensuring the highest of food safety & hygiene standards and is awarded "A - Excellent" by the Agri & Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

We invite you to get in touch with us at to see how our modern twist on the humble Singapore ice cream sandwich can value add to your retail offering today.

Our mission: To provide the most delicious, premium quality ice cream confections at exceptional value for the world to enjoy.

FRO FRO is brought to you by the good folks at The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.